Book title: Bodies in Flux: Scientific Methods for Negotiating Medical Uncertainty by Christa Teston.

christa teston

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I study uncertainty in technoscientific and biomedical contexts. In particular, I'm curious about the evidential backstage—or all the work that goes on behind the scenes when doctors and scientists attempt to corral chaos. My book, Bodies in Flux, is forthcoming from University of Chicago Press.

Book title: Topologies as Techniques for a Post-Critical Rhetoric, edited by Lynda Walsh and Casey Boyle.
Book title: Rhetoric, Through Everyday Things, edited by Scot Barnett and Casey Boyle.


See the full list of publications on my C.V. here. In addition to my monograph, my work has also appeared in: Walsh & Boyle's Topologies as Techniques for a Post-Critical Rhetoric; Barnett & Boyle's Rhetoric Through Everyday Things; Rhetoric Society Quarterly; Present Tense; Journal of Medical Humanities; Written Communication; Technical Communication Quarterly.

current projects

Dignity and the Posthuman Patient

An IRB-approved, site-based study of contemporary biomedical practices among occupational therapists who collaborate with assistive technologies. I hope to construct a practice account of human dignity in the age of the posthuman patient.

Post-ACA Publics

An IRB-approved project that uses survey methods to understand the needs, concerns, and anxieties of multiple publics as they anticipate changes to their healthcare.

Interrogating Hit-and-Run Rhetorical Criticism

Drawing on bibliometric data, this study examines the current state of rhetoric of health and medicine (RHM) scholarship. Specifically, I hope to better understand what makes some RHM scholarship more or less sustainable.